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Skip long-lasting Deployments/Re-Deployments while developing Software with JBoss-AS.

With JBoss Development Deployer (JDD) you can skip Deployments and Re-Deployments (Ant/Maven/Manual) and connect your JBoss Debugging to your Workspace. This is useful when developing Multi-Module-Projects which should run on JBoss AS. In past you needed to trigger a Deployment-Action thr Ant/Maven or somekind of make-Tools. Now, simply setup JBoss Development Deployer, point JBoss to your Application and start your Server. Any Changes to your Java Classes in your Project or your Modules are included (within JVM Hot Swap Limitations).

JBoss Development Deployer supports two modes:

  • EAR Deployment
  • Standalone WAR Deployment


How to Configure EAR Deployment

  1. Put JBoss Development Deployer JAR to your lib-Directory (<JBoss AS Root>/common/lib)
  2. Set Development-Deployer-Classes in ejb-deployers-beans.xml (<JBoss AS Root>/server/<Your Server-Path>/deployers/)
  3. Setup EAR Sub-Archive Class-Paths in jboss-development.xml (<Your EAR-Content-Root>/META-INF/jboss-development.xml)
  4. Build and deploy your EAR as usual
  5. Run your Server and enjoy skipping Re-Deployments.

How to Configure Standalone WAR

  1. Put JBoss Development Deployer JAR to your lib-Directory (<JBoss AS Root>/common/lib)
  2. (Optional) Point JBoss Application URIs to your Development Path (your Base-Directory containing Web-Content should be Named .war
    [Example: web.war, webapp.war]) so you can easily change also your JSP-Files skipping Deployment.
  3. Set Development-Deployer-Classes in ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml (<JBoss AS Root>/server/<Your Server-Path>/deployers/jbossweb.deployer/META-INF)
  4. Setup optional additional Class-Paths in jboss-development.xml (<Your Web-Content-Root>/WEB-INF/jboss-development.xml)
  5. Run your Server and enjoy skipping Re-Deployments.




  • Enable on JBoss AS 6.0
  • Usage of System-Properties (EL-Like)

Behind the Scenes

What happens behind the Scenes?

JBoss uses structure definitions for creating deployments. Each structure (WAR Structure, EAR Structure) does a discovery of the current deployment archive/path. The Development Deployer redirects file-access to custom specified files.

Release Notes





 Following Configurations were verified:

Release JBoss AS 5.0 JBoss AS 5.1 JBoss AS 6.0
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