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With this File you specify Class-Path-Elements

Standalone WAR Deployments


You can easily define a redirection of your deployed WAR-File. Just drop your WAR-File (built as usual) into JBoss, specify the path to your Dev-Directory and have fun.
The number of classpath-Elements (specifying relative/absolute Paths) is unlimited. Relative paths can be specified relative to the WEB-INF-Directory. For WAR-Deployments this file needs to be in your WEB-INF-Directory.

EAR Deployments

    <classpath id="my-ejbs.jar">C:/Workspace/my-ejbs/target/classes</classpath>
    <classpath id="my-webapp.war">C:/Workspace/my-webapp/src/webapp</classpath>

Within EAR files the JBoss Development Deployer does a map-based redirection. Just specify the final sub-archive name as id and the mapping path to tell JBoss to use the substitute path as deployment input. All EAR Class-Paths have to be absolute.

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